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Kelli Jones, pseudonym K.J. Cleveland, is an author and creator of To Know Thyself and The Raw You websites.  She started The Raw You Journal seven years ago and continues to encourage people to get to know themselves with her books and her websites.  She hopes to help people get to know and have the courage to be themselves.  She has a Bachelor’s in psychology and a Master’s in history with concentrations in philosophy.


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The Raw You: A Contemplation of the Soul

by:  K.J. Cleveland

This book is about knowing ourselves, our true self, who we are at our core. It is getting back to who you really are, your original self. And by dong this, you will not only find a deep peace and happiness within yourself, but also with the world around you.


Book:  10.99






never give up joyce meyer

Never Give Up: The Power of Building Habits to Discover and Make Your Dreams Come True, with Inspirational Stories of People Who Mastered Success

by: K.J. Cleveland



Never give up on what you really want in life.  When you make your dreams a reality they help you expand your awareness and grow as an individual. This book helps you uncover your true dreams in life, and offers goal-setting exercises to help you never give up on your dreams and make them come true.


EBook:  2.99






enlightnement kant 


What is Enlightenment: Theories of Plato, Newton, Rousseau and Kant on God and the Unseen Realm, and Knowing Yourself Beneath Your Societal Identity

by:  K.J. Cleveland

Over 2,000 years ago Plato suggested that there was something special about each individual; that there was something magical that lay within each of us, something that gives us happiness, knowledge, and the key to the world. That magical something is our soul.  This book is about philosophical theories of knowing yourself. 


Book:  7.99

EBook:  2.99







daring greatly


The Courage to be Yourself: The Magic of Daring Greatly Enough to Become Who You Were Born to be

by:  K.J. Cleveland


Happiness is becoming who you are meant to be, instead of trying to live up to others expectations who they expect you to be. Everyone has their own idea of what will make you happy, and they probably want the best for you, but ultimately you are the only person who knows what will make you happy.  This book is about becoming happy by looking inside your heart, beneath your emotions, and figuring out what it is you really want in life and who you really are. 


Book:  7.99

EBook:  2.99










the road less traveled


The Road Less Traveled: Inspirational Quotes for Hope, Happiness and Daring Greatly

by:  K.J. Cleveland


EBook:  .99



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